2 Ingredient Plum Jam In Just 30mins!

This is a quick 30 minute recipe for a small batch of Plum Jam. I had some over ripe plums that I had bought from the St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market ( If your ever in Waterloo area go check it out!) last week. I figured instead of throwing it out in the waste, why not make it into Jam!
I made it with just 2 simple and natural ingredients. Plums and natural honey. I only had about 13 plums left over so I used what I had, If you have more just add in honey as needed. Mine turned out amazingly good with a little tartness. If you like it more sweet just simply add more honey, if you like it a bit tangy you could try adding some freshly squeezed lemon juice. Note: It may take longer if you make a bigger batch.
To start you will need to wash all the plums, then carefully cut them in half. Take out and discard the seeds, leave the skin on. It should looks something like this ( see below picture).
Add them to a pot and add 1/4 cup natural honey. Let it simmer on medium heat. Stir occasionally. After 20 minutes it should look something like this (see below picture).
 Switch it down to a lower heat and let it simmer for the last 10 minutes. you will get a product that looks like the picture below.
You will need a Mason jar which is disinfected, carefully transfer the jam into the jar. Let cool completely before refrigerating.

                           Aungy’s 2 Ingredient Plum

                                           13 ripe plums

                                   1/4 cup natural honey

                               Time for cooking: 30 mins

                                 Yields: Approx. 2 cups.


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