Things I Learned Living On My Own

I’ve been living on my own, away from my parents nest for a year! I made it! Here is a list of things I have learned along the way.

  1. It’s cheaper to buy frozen juice then a carton of it. Go to the dollar store and buy a pitcher, it will save you money.
  2. Cats are a big responsibility.
  3. Always have curtains/ blinds on your windows, some neighbours are creepy and like watching you do everything!
  4. Not all buildings have a garbage chute, nothing like an extra workout lugging it downstairs and outside.
  5. Make sure your rent money is in the right account for when they deduct it, your landlord will charge you a late fee.
  6. When you do laundry, separate whites from dark clothes. Unless you like tie dye!
  7. Some neighbours are extra noisy. ( There always seems to be a screaming kid or someone with loud music)
  8. Majority of your income will go towards rent and utilities.
  9. Crockpot’s are amazing! Easy to use and handy if you need to multitask.
  10. You will magically lose pairs to socks.
  11. It can get cold in the winter. (Invest in blankets)
  12. It will also get super hot in the summer. (invest in AC unit and fans)
  13. Most buildings seem to have bug issues. (You may be clean but who knows how your neighbours live) Seal all holes and gaps.
  14. You will need tools at some point, to build household items or for simple repairs.
  15. You can find a lot of handy things or DIY items from the dollar store.
  16. It’s scary answering the door when someone knocks.
  17. Even in a building you will get door to door sales people.
  18. Keep your kitchen clean unless you want bugs.
  19. Making food at home is cheaper then eating out all the time. (Plus you usually get a lunch to take the next day.)
  20. Things will unexpectedly wake you up in the middle of the night, like a car alarm or two cats fighting outside.
  21. You have to budget everything.
  22. Buying a huge shampoo and conditioner bottle from Marshall’s or Winner’s will last you extremely longer then the ones you buy at the grocery store or pharmacy.
  23. You will most likely have to work when your sick because you need money for rent and utilities.
  24. Pigeons are annoying as hell and hard to get rid of. Especially when they start nesting on your balcony.
  25. It’s important to have a savings account. You can easily put aside $30 ( cost of a meal when you go out) every pay. It will add up quicker then you think and you’ll always have extra money incase something comes up.


Im sure there will be many more that’ll pop up in my head once I post this.


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