Winner’s Haul!!

This is the first of my haul posts, I want to share with you all the amazing bargains and just overall amazing products that I enjoy on a daily basis. This time around we went to the Winner’s here in Hamilton. I never leave Winner’s or Marshall’s empty handed :S

This time around I found some amazing cast iron mini casserole bake ware by Masterclass, which I picked up two and they are $7.99 each. I’ve always wanted individual portion bake ware so I am so happy I found these. Yea their amazing for portion control but I absolutely love the look of them. I can’t wait to make new recipes and post them now that I have these.

The second thing that I picked up are these amazing candles , Black orchid Tobacco by DW Home. I’ve bought this before and fell in love with the scent. I couldn’t beleive that I found more of them since their no longer in production. On their website they sold for more then $20 and I found them for a steal of a price, just $12.99. I of course stocked up since it’s a new favourite of mine. If your not familiar with tobacco style candles, it does not smell like cigarettes or nasty smoke. With the combination of orchid it is soft and sweet smelling. Leaves your rooms smelling super luxurious and warm. If you guy’s are big into candles check out that one.. I believe they still had one left.


My cat’s absolutely love the next item! we found a bunch of these super cute cat beds in their pet section. Their all in the $30-$40 range. The one that we picked up (picture below) was $40. Their all different in style/looks, their were some with openings on the top and ones that are similar to the one we picked up. I tried to take a decent picture with Winnie in there, he likes to attack us when we walk by :3



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