Take A Peek At My Homesense/ Gamestop Buys

Had a little shopping date with my lovely boyfriend today, check out the cute things we found on our trip to Homesense and Gamestop!


I always end up going in for one thing and I end up coming out with a handful of items, this time around I just needed dry shampoo. I’ll just make a quick list below of what the items cost.

Bosphorus Turkish Delight, Delicious Pistachio                                                                 $3.99

For those of you that haven’t tried Turkish Delight before, it is a powdered sugar coated jelly type sweet with pistachio’s in it. It is a product of Turkey and this one is vegetarian.

Batiste Dry Shampoo, Ella Henderson Edition                                                                    $6.99

I love this product, I always have it on hand. For those mornings that you’re rushing to get out the door or if your hair just needs a little volume lift. I use it for the volume it gives my hair, I never need to tease it if I use this product. 

Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee                                                                                             $9.99

We were a bit curious about this product and since we were running low on coffee we decided to give this a try. Plus trying a Godiva product has been on my bucketlist! The label say’s that it is a precision Ground Arabica coffee, naturally and artificially flavored. I will let you guy’s know what we think of it! 

Dreams & Schemes Hardcover Notebook                                                                              $9.99

To be honest I just needed a notebook to write my blog posts and idea’s in. I’ve been using computer paper and I literally have piles of them everywhere! So to keep things a bit more organised I got this notebook. It’s super cute! the sides of the pages are minty green like the cover, never seen in like that before (yes I have a thing for notebooks, I have a collection of them throughout our apartment).

Mario Party Island Tour, Nintendo 3DS (Used)                                                                     $22.49

I know it’s an older game and all but it’s an all time fave of mine. I needed a hard copy to add to my gaming collection. This is one of those games that I’ll end up playing for hours on end, it is also a lot of fun playing with friends!


Well that is it for this shopping trip! I will be posting another shopping trip journey from Lush! So check back soon 🙂


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