Weekly Food Tries- Week 1

I thought this may be a fun weekly thing to do! Each week I will get random food products and write a mini review on them. I usually find items in store that I regularly wouldn’t try but since I’m all for trying new things and getting out of my comfort zone I am committing to doing this. This week I found some interesting items at GoodnessMe! Natural Food Market. It is a health food store here in Ontario, Canada. It’s similar to Whole Food’s in the States except that it’s family owned and run. By the way any prices that I post are in Canadian dollars!

These are the lovely random things that caught my eye this week!


Old Croc Smoked Aged Cheddar                                                       $8.99

Product of Australia. Australian cheese with a delightfully bold bite. Has Non GMO ingredients and is aged for 9 months. Naturally smoked with wood from Apple trees. First impressions of this was great, I very much enjoyed it. It has a sharp strong taste so for anyone that prefers stronger cheese’s this would be perfect. It also has a subtle not over powering smokey flavor. I would for sure purchase this again! 

Roo’Bar, Golden Orange Berry/ Mulberry                                     $2.99

These energy bars are made with just 5 organic ingredients. They are a product of Bulgaria. They are also certified organic, Non GMO, Raw, Vegan and Gluten free. The orange berry was full of flavor, strong orange taste. The Mulberry however was very plain, it has a more subtle taste. I would probably purchase the orange berry again. 

Kurakon Seaweed Salad On The Go                                                $2.79

Comes with a sesame soy dressing. Made with natural Ingredients, Product of China. Mixture of KOMBU seaweed and various seaweeds that are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers. Low in calories. Smell is similar to the seaweed salad that you get from sushi restaurants. The appearance is different however. It does not taste like the restaurant version, has a strange sweetness to it. I wouldn’t purchase this again. 

Blue Diamond Almond Nut- Thins                                             $4.49

Cheddar cheese rice and nut crackers. These are actually pretty good, comparable to the regular rice crackers that you can purchase at a grocery store. They have a great crunch! Would go amazing with cheese. I would buy these again.


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