Aungy’s Lush Haul #2

I have to say this store has become one of my new faves, couldn’t resist going in there. They have a bunch of new seasonal items in stock now…yes that means Christmas themed bath bombs and gift sets. I bought a few of the new bath bombs, melts and a bubble bar. Here is what I bought! ( Prices are in Canadian dollars)


Snow Angel Luxury Bath Melt                                                                              $7.95

Relax under a creamy blanket of shimmering marzipan snow.

Golden Wonder Bath Bomb                                                                                    $6.95

Sink into a golden, luster-filled bath with the uplifting scent of sparkling cocktail. (I was told by the sales associate that there is a surprise hidden in the centre)

The Comforter Bubble Bar                                                                                     $11.95

This fruity number releases the comforting aromas of cassis absolute and cypress oil.

Twilight Bath Bomb                                                                                                 $ 6.95

This reassuring lavender and tonka bath creates a vision of the night sky in the water.


I’ll be making separate posts for each of these products as I try them this week. I will show you how they transform the water into a luscious relaxing bath. The end result and colour it gives to your bath. Last but not least I will let you know what I thought of the product smell, colour, feeling wise. Thanks a lot for reading! Make sure to check back for the posts on these wonderful products.


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