Lush’s Twilight Bath Bomb

As promised here is a quick review of Lush’s Twilight bath bomb! This was the big pink one from my previous post, it has stars embedded on it. Here is what it looks like once it is dropped into your bath water.


It quickly turns your bath water into a baby pink fizzy colour. Then slowly the baby blue interior starts fizzing away. It smells heavenly by the way! Next up is a picture of what it looks like towards the end and the colour change of the water.


It turns your bath water into a dark purple shade! Not sure if you can quite see it from this picture but it has glitter in it. I thought it was a cute little touch but if you don’t like glitter or sparkly bath products then I would recommend staying away from this bath bomb. However once its fully infused into your bath water, it makes your skin feel silky and soft. I wanted to stay in the water forever!

Keep checking back for the rest of the Lush products!


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  1. This bath bomb is one of my favourites! If you like the smell of this one there is a seasonal lotion called sleepy that is out now.

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    1. Agreed it’s amazing! The girl at the store showed me the cream, the scent of it is to die for!

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