H&M/ Hot Topic Shopping Trip

Well I was in need of some Fall/Winter clothing… mainly just pants but I found some cute things at Hot Topic that I just couldn’t leave behind. But here are my shopping finds!

First will be the clothes from H&M, I got 3 pairs of stretchy skinny’s. Two dark wash jeans, which are super stretchy, the one pair has no zipper or button..you literally just pull them on. The third pair is a lovely forest green, I honestly couldn’t believe how comfy and stretchy the material is. The pair that has no zipper or button cost $19.99! Which is a super good buy. The two other pairs were $24.99, which is still a really good price. They had other colours like pink, red, black but I wasn’t feeling them. I also picked up a cream coloured knitted infinity scarf, which cost me $12.99. (Sorry for the crappy picture, shot it at night time)


Next the absolute cutest shirts I bought at Hot Topic! If anyone knows me they’d say that I can tend to be pretty nerdy. Lately I’ve been into watching Studio Ghibli, Haven’t seen all of them but I own quite a few so far! I found a Totoro shirt, so of course I couldn’t just leave it (My Neighbour Totoro is one of my faves). I got both shirts for 50% off because they had a BOGO  going on them. I got the Totoro shirt for $37.90. The next Tee I got was Spirited Away, it has No Face on it. That shirt cost me $27.90. I can’t tell you how happy I was to buy these!


If you guy’s are big fans of items like this make sure to check out Hot Topic, they have the cutest things ever! I always want to buy everything when I’m there :S


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