My Spiritual Journey


Now before I get started on this topic, I have to say that I know there may be people that do not share the same beliefs as I do but I ask that you be respectful. I know there are sceptics out there, there are also others that may believe in witchcraft or other spiritual things. Everyone is different, we all have different values, upbringings, personal experiences, and outlooks. All of that makes each and everyone of us unique.

With all that aside now, my beliefs are based off of personal experiences since I was little. I know there will be people that will judge me for this but I really don’t care… I’m entitled to my own beliefs as are you. Growing up I had a lot of strange things happen, that I will never forget till the day I die. My first memory was at the first house my parents bought, my siblings and I were probably around the age of 7 or 8. Our bedrooms were in the attic of this old house, It was one of many houses that were first built in our area. My brother soon had an “imaginary” friend named Jackie, my mom questioned him about his friend and his reply was that she had lived in a close by building (just a block from us). He used to play with her all the time until he got older. Now our bedrooms were in the attic on the 2nd floor. Our bedrooms each had an unfinished part that had one of those small creepy doors that you could access it from. My bed was always by this door, I always heard walking noises in there in the middle of the night. I was so scared that I started sleeping with the blanket over my head every single night! My dad ended up putting a lock on it, which made me feel a bit better. I however still slept fully covered by my blankets.

We ended up moving when I was about to enter high school, this time we moved into my great aunts old house. It was also one of the first houses built in the area as well, back in the 60’s or 70’s I believe. Growing up in this house I’d have to say I had the most bizarre things happen, I know for a fact that my mind was not making these things up. My great aunts son who grew up in the bedrooms we then occupied ended up committing suicide as he grew up (back when I was like 10 years old). I’m telling you guys this because I believe he came back to visit, I could always sense that his spirit wasn’t at rest. I had multiple ghost sightings in that house, each time I was always alone up stairs. It was a tall, white misty outline ( had to be 6 foot) that lingered there in front of me (me being young and confused cried each time because I was so scared by it). I remember one night that freaked both my sister and I out so much that we were scared to physically move. We shared a bedroom at the time and we had this IKEA bed that you could pull out and there’d be two beds to sleep on. We got ready for bed, pulled down the blackout curtain and adjusted the regular curtains at the sides so no light came into the bedroom. We were chatting a little because we weren’t quite that sleepy yet. Out of nowhere there was a burst of light for a split second, It was as if a firecracker had gone off in our small room. There was no noise, just a flash of this very bright light that illuminated the whole room. It was not from outside since we blacked out all the light coming in from outside and we slept with our door closed. I still to this day don’t know what happened. The other experienc that happened to me at that house was when I was in my final year of graduating high school. My sister ended up going to school out of town so my brother took over our old room. I got shifted into the other smaller room ( this room was my cousins growing up). My parents made quite a few renovations to that house so I wouldn’t be surprised if it had stirred things up. I was fearful staying in that room, I say that because something happened almost every night. From having my head touched ( the oddest feeling ever, tingly and cold) to my door opening on its own every single night. I started sleeping with the covers completely covering my body, arms and feet. I was the type of person that only slept on their stomach, only way I could sleep for some reason. Well I had the strangest thing happen to me a few times, I don’t know whether my body was trying to astral travel or what. It would be pitch dark in my room (blackout curtains), I slept with the door closed… but the door would always somehow open.. I’d be laying on my back without the covers on me. This is going to sound crazy but I’d be above my body staring down at it. Then all of a sudden I’d be in my body again, this freaked me out so much but I could never get my actual body to move. It’s like a great weight was on my chest holding me down, I would try to move but everything was sluggish as if I were moving in slow motion. I would try to yell for my mom every single time, I could see down the hallway but  I could never yell or let a peep out. It was the most terrifying experience of my life, it felt dark and not good in any sense. I don’t know if it was astral travelling, if some entity was trying to take over my body or if it was sleep paralysis.

We ended up moving again when I was in my 20’s, again into an old house. I got weird vibes from the get go when we moved into it. Always felt like I was being watched by someone. I got the master bedroom out of luck, my parents and brother each got a room next to mine. My sister got the whole basement to herself. I remember one night I heard a woman crying, it was so loud I got up and woke everyone one up. My sister also heard it so we checked outside… and nothing. My parents didn’t believe us. I would always see some kind of entity in front of my closet and my cat would stare at it. It was strange because I could only see a blurry outline.. seemed to be human shape. This no longer freaked me out, I started talking to them and letting them know to let me sleep. I also had a strange thing happen in the bathroom, I’d taken a shower one night. I had dried off, threw my towel behind me on the shower rod (making sure to spread it out so it would dry and so my mom wouldn’t get pissed), put on fresh clothes. The window was closed tight and there was no air coming from the vent on the ground. I proceeded to comb my hair and stare at myself in the mirror. Then out of nowhere the towel that I had hung up, started swaying back and forth with momentum as if someone were moving it. I freaked out and ran out of there. Again my parents didn’t believe me…

I ended up moving out on my own now, I’ve had a few strange things happen. I had one of those sleeping episodes. I was laying beside my boyfriend sleeping and something was happening to me again. I tried to alert my boyfriend next to me but I couldn’t move or make a sound. I prayed (which I was never taught to do since we were never a religious family) and it went away. Then another experience was the kettle in the kitchen went off as if someone had made coffee, told my boyfriend the kettle was ready for whatever he was making… he told me he didn’t turn it on. Countless light bulbs go out but it could just be the buildings electricity or something. I’ve had feelings of utter anxiety of which I know don’t belong to me suddenly hit me out of nowhere, as if something passed through me. I can usually sense if there’s spirits around now, I have a suspicion that theres 2… a woman (stays by the kitchen) and an older man (by the bedrooms/ bathroom). The man passed because of something with his heart/ stomach area. I could be wrong with this prediction however.

I have always felt like there was something up with me, there had to be a reason why all these strange things were occurring. I’ve always felt things and had been in tune with my emotions. I just couldn’t figure it out, I knew I wasn’t a psychic.. I didn’t see the dead all the time. All of this happening to me of course made me curious about the possibilities so I went to a couple psychic fairs in town. The first one I went to, I ended up seeing a psychic couple. I wasn’t too impressed with their reading, I could just feel that they were just doing all of it for money.. that was their soul purpose. The reading they gave me was very vague and left me still questioning things. A year later I went to the same psychic fair, this time I had more confidence. I had bought countless books and did research on spiritual/ paranormal things. I went with a coworker at the time, we walked around the hall a few times and then by feeling I chose a different psychic. There was just something about her, I could tell she had some sort of gift. She did the usual stuff, tarot cards, giving me predictions about my love life. Warning me of things that I should stay away from, everything she was telling me was spot on with my life (not going to specify what they were because they are very personal). Then she informed me of my gifts, she said that I had medium powers ( clairsentience) and that I was an empath. She told me that I didn’t seem to be grounded and told me what to do to fix it. How I had too much chatter and too many thoughts going on in my head, that she’s surprised its not driving me crazy ( which is very true, I think a lot). She informed me which crystals would help me and books that I should read. She helped me a lot, I feel like I have developed quite a bit since that time. I really wanted to ask her about my experiences but never got a chance too, maybe one day I’ll book a private reading with her. After her reading my head got a strange tingly feeling at the very top and I felt completely drained (I get this feeling everytime I’m around gifted people such as she was). I’m still trying to develop these gifts by myself, I’ve been trying automatic writing lately and I’ve predicted a few things that have since happened. I know I’m supposed to help others with this gift but I have to say it sucks when no one around you wants to believe you and just dismisses all of it.

I encourage others to learn, develop what gifts you have.. use them for good. If there are any readers out there that this has sparked an interest in or you’ve had similar things happen, please feel free to comment or contact me with your experiences. If anyone has any guidance or help with my development please feel free to help out! Thank you so much for the support and for reading, it means the world to me. If you’d like to follow my blog on Facebook there is now a page specifically for updates and what not @worldofaungy


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