Covergirl Beauty Finds


I’ve wanted to try some different lipstick shades lately so I hopped over to the store and picked these up today! Covergirl lipsticks in Caramel kiss (#240) and Honeyed bloom (#245). They are similar shades but their a bit different. One is a warmer tone and the second has a rosy soft pink tone. They both have a shimmer to them, as well as the lip liner. I also got the Covergirl Lip Perfection liner in a complimenting shade, in Seduce (#210).They were each $8.47 Canadian. Here’s a picture below of swatches on my arm, I’m very fair skinned so for my readers with cool skin here is how it would look on you!

Top is Honeyed Bloom (#245), Second is Caramel Kiss (#240), Bottom is Seduce (#210).
Caramel Kiss (#240)
Honeyed Bloom (#245)

Here is my opinion! I personally liked the second shade in Honeyed Bloom, I liked that it was a soft pink and it just looks like a more natural nude. I tend not to go for the caramel/brown shades but I gave it a try with the Caramel Kiss. I’ll for sure wear both shades of them, I feel like that they went well with my skin tone. By the way sorry for the crappy look in the photo’s, I had just finished work when I decided to do all this.


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