Wine Time With Aungy

I splurged a little yesterday, we went to the LCBO to pickup a gift card for a birthday party and well I didn’t walk out empty handed once again. I don’t drink very often, I’ve cut back drastically so I picked out my favourite wines. Here are my top two favourite wines!


On the left we have Menage a Trois Californian wine from 2014. I was introduced to this wine through a friend and I’ve fallen in love with it. It is my go to for red wine, I usually don’t like red wine all that much but this one is just simply amazing. If you like wines with rich fruity taste, then you have to try this out. It has rich aroma’s of ripened blackberry, every sip you take you taste the hint of the magnificent berry. It is 13.5% alcohol, and cost me $17.45 Canadian.

My other favourite, which is pictured on the right hand side is Voga Moscato Frizzante. As the name say’s it is a Moscato white wine, which of course has a nice sweetness to it. I love this brand the most for moscato white wines because it’s not overly sweet and it has a champagne like quality. It fizzes as soon as you open and pour it out thus why I compared it to champagne. It is a light wine with aroma’s of fresh grapes, citrus, apricot and honey. This wine is from Veneto, Italy and cost me $13.90 Canadian. I’ve tried various other brands of moscato wines and I found them to be overly sweet so I’ve stuck with this brand for good (plus it fizzes!).

I highly recommend giving these a try! I’m pairing the red wine with a hearty pot roast tonight, I literally can’t wait! Also I would like to take some time and remind everyone to drink responsibly, Don’t drink and drive please.


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  1. I haven’t had the white wine but the Menage, yes. I live in Napa and one of my neighbors works there so he’s always tossing around free samples (750 ml sized samples I’ll have you know). Definitely a cool place to be! Thanks for sharing, and check out our wine country blog if you have some time:

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  2. Im so jelly! I’ll for sure check your blog out 🙂


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