I Finally Did It!!

I’ve been interested in stretching my ears since my high school days, so for over 8 years now. At that time I wasn’t able to seeing as I didn’t have a job when I was in high school and my parents forbade me from doing it. I always heard the ” if you do that your moving out” speech. Well now that I’m all grown up and living on my own I can finally go through with it! I ordered two kits off of Amazon, which finally arrived last night and of course I put them in that night. I’m starting off with 16 Gauge and working my way up. Purchased these cute rose gold ones!



Sorry I look a tad crappy in the pics! Had to work an early morning shift. My left ear feels completely normal and the right side just feels a bit uncomfy but it all comes with doing it so I can’t complain. I won’t be going too big with them though, probably stop at a 2 or 0 gauge. I can’t explain how happy I am right now, I can for sure cross this off my bucketlist!


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