Weekly Food Tries! Week 4!

This is another week of trying out somewhat healthy snack items! Most of these were very enjoyable and products that I would potentially buy again or have already. All prices that are posted are in Canadian dollars. Here are the amazing products for this week!


Marty’s Pickles                                                                                                $8.99

This product is grown, cured and hand packaged in Ontario. They are hot and spicy original brine pickles. 

Here is what I thought of them! I loved how the label specifies which barrel number your getting and that it is a local product. The pickles themselves have a great bite to them, with a perfect crunch. Heat wise I’d have to say their medium compared to others that I have tried. It nips at your lips and slightly at the back of your throat, it is not unbearable by any means. It does not set your whole mouth on fire which is nice if you just plan on munching on them here and there. They would be a perfect addition to any burger! I enjoyed these very much and highly recommend others give them a try. It’s also a great way of supporting a local business here in Ontario!

Dandies All Natural Peppermint Flavoured Marshmallows              $5.79

They are Non GMO, Kosher, no gelatin, vegan, gluten free and fat free.

This product was highly recommended by friends so I had to give them a try for myself. Now I’m on the bandwagon! It has an amazing peppermint flavor, yet not overpowering. It also comes in a lovely pumpkin spice flavor too! Amazing in hot cocoa, as the picture shows below. Would be amazing in any holiday baking projects for Christmas or if you just enjoy munching on them on their own. I would for sure buy this product again, definitely want to try out the pumpkin spice flavor too!


Synergy Kombucha Drink                                                                           $3.99                            

Trying out the flavor Maqui Mojito. It is an organic and raw product. 

Now for those of you that are wondering what kombucha is all about. It is a natural fermented tea beverage, it is cultured and is said to be amazing for gut health. It contains bacteria that is good for your body. They come in a variety of different flavors and have a slight vinegary taste but with a nice fizziness.

I found that this kombucha drink had a softer taste compared to other brands that I’ve tried. Has a nice light taste of lemon/lime and hints of berry. It was nice and refreshing, I would buy it again.

Matt’s Munchies “The Premium Fruit Snack”                                   $ 2.79

I bought 3 flavors to try: Mango Acai, Island Mango, and Plain Mango. They contain less then 100 calories and have 2 servings of fruit per package. They are also certified organic, certified vegan, certified gluten free, non GMO, free of peanuts, soy free and dairy free. These are a product of USA. 

Mango Acai- Didn’t really taste like mango, just light Acai flavor. Very chewy and sweet.

Plain Mango- Strong mango smell. Tastes like dehydrated mango but without the fibres.

Island Mango- Smells absolutely amazing, like a tropical coconut. Has a deeper flavor, great combination of mango and coconut. Also has coconut flakes in them.

Overall I absolutely loved the Island Coconut flavor, it was my fave out of all of them. I would purchase that flavor again! The two others were decent but a little on the dull side.


Olympic Krema Greek Yogurt                                                              $3 ( Bought it 2 for $6)

Bought this in Honey and Black cherry flavor. Thick and rich yogurt that is 100% natural. From British Columbia, Canada. 

Another great Canadian product! I’ve tried this product in 3 different flavors now, which includes espresso coffee. I have gone and purchased more of this product so you can tell it’s a fave of mine. I love the richness of this yogurt, doesn’t seem to match any of the yogurts I’ve bought in grocery stores. The flavouring is in the bottom of the container, so you have to give it a good stir but the flavors are pretty good. I would recommend giving this a try.

Hope you guy’s enjoyed this weeks food tries! if there are any food products you guys would like me to try out then please leave a comment, again these are just my full on honest opinion on these items. Thanks for reading!


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