Life Update.. Sicky Aungy


Just want to take this time and apologise for the lack of posts lately, I am indeed sick and trying to recover. I’ve been feeling off for almost a week now and the past two days it has hit me full on. My tonsils are infected again, happens to me almost every year. The past two days have been horrible, if you’ve had this issue then you’ll totally understand. I’ve been feverish and feeling constantly hot. The back of my neck and all my muscles/ joints feel all achey. Not to mention the nasty state of my tonsils, they’ve just started hurting today besides the uncomfort of them being swollen and feeling completely yucky because of whats on them. Today I was going to bake, I planned it all week and bought all the ingredients I needed to make lovely new posts but unfortunately I felt very ill. I ended up going to a walk in clinic and got some meds! The doctor said I’ll be feeling normal in two days so I’m happy about that. Walking home (about a 35 minute walk) was a bad idea though, I literally felt like passing out and I was dripping wet. I guess a fever and walking for that long wasn’t the best thing I could have done. If I feel a bit better tomorrow I will have some baking post’s up, with some great festive recipes!

Here are the other updates:

Ear stretching

My ears are healed up and finally feel normal. I had some minor discomfort in the beginning and then my ear lobes itching like crazy for some reason. I can’t wait to go bigger! Oh yea and my parents finally found out! My mom wasn’t pleased with it at all but I’m an adult now and live on my own so she can’t really say much to sway me from going through with it.


Only 9 more days to go! We had all our utilities set up for the new place so it’s a bit exciting. We still have a lot of packing to do, which I’m going to attempt to do once I don’t feel as sick.

Anyways thanks for stopping by and checking in on me. I hope everyone is healthy and excited about preparing for the holidays!


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