Baking Time!

I feel so much better today! The meds have kicked in and I feel close to normal. As I promised, today I’m doing some festive holiday baking. I decided to try out this Pillsbury ready made gingerbread men cookies, unexpectedly found them at the store and figured I’d give them a try!


The second cookies I attempted to make were snickerdoodles, I got the recipe of off Pinterest since I’ve never baked these before. Here is the link to the recipe:

The only changes I made to the recipe were the cookie sizes, I tried it the way she instructed but they were too big in my eyes. I used a teaspoon instead, you’ll see two different sizes in my picture. They turned out really good though!


You can see the gingerbread men in the back of the picture, their not the nicest looking but I’m sure I can spruce them up with some icing. If you want something quick then I highly suggest it! They only took about 10 minutes and there’s also a coupon on the back of the box for icing!

This is just part of my baking, I have so much more to go as I want to make little goody boxes filled with various cookies and chocolates for my loved ones. Check back for more amazing posts!!


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  1. Yum. I am getting hungry.

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