Experimenting with Apple Cider Vinegar


I’ve been seeing a lot of videos lately on Youtube about this and I figured since I want the same results that they achieved that I’d give this a try. Apparently Apple Cider Vinegar is supposed to help clear up your skin from any acne and imperfections. All the videos I watched mentioned getting Apple Cider Vinegar that states that it has “Mother” in it, I’m not too sure what that is. I purchased this big jug of Bragg’s Organic apple cider vinegar for about $21 Canadian at a health food store. I will be using this two ways! One will be as a night time toner for after I wash my makeup off. The second way will be as a morning drink, which I tried out already! It’s supposed to help with digestion, gut health and aides with losing weight. I made up a large glass of it with lemon, cinnamon and water. It is very sour and you need a straw so It doesn’t damage your teeth (high acidity). I have to say this as a warning it will make your stomach upset!! I’m sure it’s because my stomach isn’t used to it yet. I may just try taking shots of it in the morning since I’m finding it a bit hard to finish a tall glass of it. I will be trying both uses for an extended period of time and I will let you guys know what the results are. Stay tuned for any update posts!


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  1. Maria Calder says:

    I used to put it in my orange juice in the morning. It kind of masks the taste a little, but definitely don’t drink it on an empty stomach.


  2. amynotdorft says:

    I have never used it for digestion but it definitely helps my sinus infections. I used to get them multiple times a year, but now I drink some cider vinegar in water every night when I have a cold or I feel one coming on and I haven’t had one in years. 😀 I’m curious how it works for skin.

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    1. Ooh that’s good to know, I usually have sinus problems too! Well I’ll be posting updates on how well it works for my skin so I’ll let you know how that goes 🙂

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