Gift Guide For Her

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Here’s a small gift guide for the special lady in your life or even for women in your family. I know your thinking that there’s only a few things on there. That is because the stores/websites they are from offer so many other amazing items. Few of these items come in different styles and pricepoints so I’ll put a price range from the cheapest they offer to their most expensive. I’ll also provide website links to where you can get your hands on these lovely items.

Number one!

Bath And Body Works  3- Wick Candles                                                             $12.50

Most women love scented candles, Bath and Body Works has so many amazing scents to choose from. They are also a good bargain and always have crazy deals all the time!

Number two!

Chapters Faux Fur Throw                                                                                        $65

These faux fur throws are to die for! They look super warm, I know I’d want to cuddle up in one. If your not into the whole fur look then they do have a selection of other fabric throws.

Number three!

Saje Essential Oil Diffusers                                                                                   $29-$129

This is a lovely relaxing gift, it will make your rooms smell heavenly. They have a wide selection of different types as well as looks. They also have soy candles that you guys should check out!

Number four!

Lush Gift Sets                                                                                                         $12-$299

You can never go wrong with these gift sets, there is a huge variety of different kinds. From ones that have just bath bombs to ones that have mixtures with bubble bars and shower products. They come in a wide range of different prices too, which makes it easier if you want amazing products but you have a budget to work around.They are also wrapped up so beautifully, presentation is on point! Highly recommend this one!

Number five!

Fuji INSTAX Mini 8 Camera                                                                            $99

What girl doesn’t love taking photo’s? better yet polaroids that she can hold onto forever. Why not give the gift of lasting memories.

Number six!

Charmed Aroma Candles                                                                             $26-$59

Yes I know another candle…. this however is different! Sure the candles look glamorous and come in splendid scents. However the surprise in this is a dazzling ring that could be worth up to $5,000! If ring’s aren’t your thing then make sure to check out their necklace ones! These gifts are literally like kinder surprises but for adult women!


Hope you guys enjoyed! Make sure to check out the Stocking Stuffers For Her post for more awesome ideas!


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