Stocking Stuffer’s For Her


Here are some cute stocking stuffers for her! No matter what your price range may be, there is something to suit everyone’s budget. Hope you guy’s like these!

Number one!

Bath and Body Works 5 Pack Sanitizers                                                        $6

Girls will always have some sort of scented hand sanitizer in their bags or purses. Bath and Body Works has 5 packs of variety of different scents for a bargain. If this isn’t their thing then why not get them a gift card?

Number Two!

Icing Rose Gold Flower Mandala Phone Case                                            $12.50

Rose gold is very popular this year and so are lovely mandala’s, this phone case has both and its super cute! They have a variety of different kinds.

Number three!

BeauChapeau Mittens                                                                                         $ 19

What girl doesn’t need warm but super cute mittens for this winter? I absolutely love these ones! They have a wide variety of hats as well! They are also a local business so help them out!

Number four!

Icing Sly As A Fox Beanie                                                                                  $19

This has to be the cutest beanie ever! who doesn’t love a cute fox hat!?

Number five!

Charmed Aroma Bath Bombs                                                                       $16

Again this lovely Charmed Aroma products has a dazzling ring in it, which could be valued for up to $5,000!

Number six!

Happy Plugs In-Ear-Carrara White Marble Rose                                  $12.50

Again Rose gold but with the also popular white marble look! These ear buds are cute yet handy. They block out any surrounding noise, amazing price for them as well!

Number seven!

Icing Nude Rose Gold Sunglasses                                                            $21.50

Lovely nude rose gold glasses, perfect gift as a stocking stuffer. They have a variety of other looks as well.


Hope you guy’s enjoyed!


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