I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted, my life has been crazy busy lately! From moving to the Christmas madness. I will attempt to post more frequently and I apologise for the lack of posts recently.

We are officially living in our new unit! I would post pictures but we are still in the middle of unpacking, it’s been taking us a while since we both work full time. The unit itself is so much more cosier and warm, it feels more homey then the last unit we lived in. The appliances are newer and work amazing! I will be cooking and baking so much more now!! I can’t wait to show you guys everything once we’re settled in.

I almost forgot! my boyfriend surprised me early with my Christmas gifts… I know, he couldn’t wait. He got me an XBOX One! Along with a bunch of games like the whole Halo collection, Overwatch and the new Gears Of War!! If any of you play then add me! My name is Smootherthenhim ( I made the name up a long time ago so don’t judge, I know about the spelling issue too). I can’t wait to get more games for it!! He also got me amazing Studio Ghibli items, like socks and the movie Howl’s Moving Castle. He for sure did a great job this year, I absolutely loved everything.

Also… don’t know where my readers are from but in Ontario, Canada. Winter has taken full effect! It’s absolutely freezing here! Hope everyone is staying bundled up and safe in this weather.


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  1. Merry Christmas! Enjoy the new console. Overwatch is a fun game.

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