Nerd Haul!

I had quite a big nerdy haul today, I traded in two games (unopened) to get these lovely items at EB Games, including microsoft money..which I used to buy an additional two games! I only ended up paying around $3 out of pocket šŸ™‚


Got a super cute Sailor Moon lanyard, since my old one broke on me. I am so happy I found it! Then I got Deadrising 4 and a matching snow globe! It’s my first snow globe ever so I can’t explain how thrilled I was to get it for free… let my new collection begin! Also purchased the game Sunset Overdrive since my boyfriend convinced me that it’s similar to the old Xbox game Jet Set Radio ( Back in the day I was so obsessed with that game). The last thing I put my store credit towards was the lovely Mary Poppins Pop! Figure, again I’m so happy about this find. Now I get to display it with the movie!



Here are the games I purchased online with my Microsoft money! I got Stardew Valley, which I already own on PC but had to have on Xbox as well. The second one was Ark:Survival Evolved, I have this game on PC as well but never got the chance to play it since there are many glitches for the PC version. I literally can’t wait for my days off this week so I can play all these wonderful games!

Have a safe holiday everyone šŸ™‚


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