Rest In Peace Bandit


Today was a very sad day for my family, our dog Bandit had to be put down due to medical problems. I felt awful seeing my mother cry over her beloved dog, her little shadow that followed her every move. The dog that she spoiled beyond belief and treated as if he were a child to her. It broke my heart completely because I was the reason he was brought to the house and seeing the pain of my mother having to part with him forever.

I was in about grade 10 when I convinced my parents that we should get a puppy, I had been working at a CO-OP placement at Big Al’s Aquarium. I had to work closely with the small animals, which included the puppies and kittens. My parents soon came to pick out a puppy, I remember not being a big fan of Bandit seeing as he always bit my ankles when I had to clean his cage. None the less I was still thrilled that my parents decided to purchase him. He was a very sassy dog that had a lot of attitude, he always seemed to think he was a big dog when indeed he was just a tiny chihuahua/ pomeranian mix.




We’re really going to miss him this Christmas, It was the worst time for him to go. The holidays won’t be the same without him. My parents had to make the call days ago and schedule him to be put down because his body had grown frail from having diabetes. He was pure skin and bone, I have never seen him so thin in my life. He was still eating his special vet recommended food but his body just couldn’t keep up any further. He went blind first, he got really bad cataracts on his eyes..which was a huge adjustment for everyone, it was so hard seeing him run into things and not being able to tell where everyone was. He soon afterwards started bleeding out of his bum, loosing a majority of his weight and his hair started falling out. My parents acted quickly so that he would no longer be suffering, it was one of the hardest decisions in their life. For them it was like losing a child, for us we lost a great family member once again before Christmas. I hope he’s up there in heaven with the rest of our family, looking down upon us. I can’t wait to see you again one day my little man, you will be forever missed. Rest in peace ❤



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  1. This made me sad. 🙁 I’m so sorry for the loss of Bandit. I know it must be devastating and so hard to deal with, especially so close to Christmas. You’re in my thoughts. 💕💜


  2. So sorry to see this post. I lost my beloved Lulu last Christmas as well 😢. Much love to you❤️


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