Boxing Day Shopping

We went out early yesterday to do some boxing day shopping, we just went to a few places but found some good stuff. We also checked out one of the stores for furniture since we’re looking to upgrade a few pieces, like our bed and couches.

Our first stop was EB Games, my boyfriend traded in his PS4 console for the new Pro version. I on the other hand bought a copy of Farcry Primal for my Xbox One, I’ve always been curious about the it was only like $34. I tried it a bit last night and I liked it very much, the graphics are great and I’m liking the story line so far. They had a boxing day promo where the first 50 shoppers in the store can choose and extra free item, they had a list of things you could get so as one of them I bought another Pop! Vinyl figure :/  I got The Little Mermaid’s Sebastian and I found Flounder as well so I had to buy it too. Thankfully they were on sale that day for about $12.99 , now I can display them with the movie!



Our second stop of the day was at IKEA!! We really just went to get some price points on furniture that was our style and that would fit in our apartment. We’re going to start saving up for some of them so it’ll be exciting! I just love adulting :/

I of course couldn’t leave the store empty handed! I ended up getting an aloe plant for $3.99. I had to throw out the one I had in our old unit so I was happy to find this at the store. Plus I love adding some greenery to indoor spaces, just brings everything together in my eyes. Also purchased 2 plant pots that were $2.99 each, I loved the colour since they match our curtains in the living room. Here’s a little picture of my plant!


Now I just have to remember to water it and not kill it! We didn’t go all out this year as you guys can see, we really want to focus on saving up for bigger things. From new furniture to our first house. I want to thank all my readers for sticking in there and coming back to read my content. 2016 has been one brutal year, with many unexpected things occurring. Let’s hope the new year will be filled with much more positive experiences and good memories 🙂


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