Charmed Aroma Bathbomb

Christmas has finally come to an end with our last dinner today. It’s been extremely stressful for us so I’m actually happy its all behind us. Hopefully the new year will have better things in store for us!

Anyways, yesterday I got to spend time with my side of the family and as usual it was filled with great food and memories. I gave and received some amazing gifts, which I am extremely grateful for. One that I got super excited over was a Charmed Aroma Bathbomb in peach and mango that I received from my sister. I didn’t think I was going to get one at all so it was a great surprise and I can officially cross that off my bucketlist!


I just have to say I was pleasantly surprised by this bathbomb! The smell is out of this world, better then any I have purchased from Lush. It transforms the water into an amazing orange colour, which makes your skin so pleasantly soft. I literally stayed in the water till it got cool, I just can’t believe how amazing it smells! Inside I had my surprise ring awaiting me and this is the one I got.


I checked the website to see how much the ring was worth and it is $200.Which I’m also surprised about because of how gorgeous the ring is! It is so shiny! This is for sure one of my favourite gifts by far that I have received. If you guys haven’t checked their website, their having an amazing boxing day deal. Free shipping on anything over $50 and you get a free candle too! I ended up ordering 3 of the champagne bath bombs since the other two have already sold out, plus I get a free strawberry scented candle with it! I paid $57.60 for it all and get free shipping with it. It could be 5-7 weeks until it arrives but it’ll be a great surprise when It comes! I literally cannot wait 🙂



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