It’s here! & Drama Last Night.

I finally got my hands on my Charmed Aroma shipment! Here’s what I ordered, three bath bombs and I received a free strawberry and champagne 3 wick candle.


I apologize for the crappy picture, I rushed to take it since It was getting late. There were cops present at our apartment when I finished work so it forced me to put things to a pause. Something serious happened here last night but we can’t seem to figure out what had gone down. There were about 6-7 cop cruisers at our building when my boyfriend decided to pick me up from work, apparently something happened on the floor below us. He could hear a man screaming and once he made his way down the stairs there was an officer with a shotgun by the entrance. He picked me up and when we got home we were not allowed back into our building so we grabbed some food. When we returned with our food there was a police van and it looked like someone was being put into it. We finally managed to get into our unit! So yea that was the drama for the night, we’re really curious to find out what happened..can’t seem to find anything on the news about it.

I managed to sneak a bath in however!


The smell of this bathbomb was a lot softer then the mango and peach one. I prefer the other one, I’ll be ordering the mango &peach next time! Here is the pretty ring that was inside, it was appraised for $250.



As you can see there is very intricate detailing on the side of the ring and hints of gold on it. It’s very beautifully made! Check back later for some more ring reveals!


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  1. Jay says:

    What happened at your building sounds like a pretty serious incident, yet I can’t find what happened anywhere on the spec, Chch or Hamilton police services websites. I feel like they’re very selective on what news they report to us, especially when something happens on the mountain. There has been two occasions where upper Gage and stonechurch area has been blocked off, police and ambulances were there and everything! Yet nothing was told to the public. 🤔

    Also, how are their bathbombs? I’ve really gotten into taking baths with the Lush ones. They smell so great and are so relaxing.

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    1. It just worries you when it’s the place that you live, yet the cops won’t tell you what’s going on :/ makes us want to save up for a house that much more!
      If you get one, get the peach and mango…it smelled so much better then this one. Their a bit more pricier then lush but you end up getting a beautiful ring inside that could be worth a lot. Think of it as a kinder surprise but for adult women lol.


      1. Jay says:

        Yeah, it’s pretty unfair that they don’t tell you anything. Especially when it’s so close to you! Saving for a house is a good idea. I know most people don’t want a townhouse but it’s good for your first home and so much cheaper than buying a regular detached house. We bought ours for $219k and it’s pretty nice on the inside and outside. The regular houses in our price range were mostly in the east end and all needed updating/renos. Hamilton is becoming overpriced like Toronto and it sucks.

        I will try that charmed aroma bathbomb soon though, thanks aungy 😊

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      2. Oh I didn’t know you guys got a townhouse! My parents did the same thing but in Brantford. It would be easier financially for us too so it’s worth considering. Your welcome 🙂


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