Last Charmed Aroma Bath Bomb!

I had my last bath bomb last night! that means the last item on my list of reveals is now the big 3 wick candle. Here is a picture of the ring from last nights bath bomb, apparently its worth $200… I actually wouldn’t think it. It doesn’t look like its worth that much, if anything it looks like an $80 ring. Then again I’m not into coloured stones on rings so others may say otherwise.


Now one thing I want to mention that’s kinda been in the back of my head for a while now. I checked out other bloggers reviews on Charmed Aroma products and many people are saying that they are fake jewellery. There’s been accounts of the rings turning peoples fingers green, makes me wonder if it’s more so with the cheaper $80 rings and if maybe the ones that are worth $200 are actual sterling silver. I’ve also seen posts about how rings have been taken to appraisers and were found to be worth nothing. Not to mention all the customer service issues the company has and lack of help. I personally think that this will be my last order from them, it’s fun but don’t get into the mindset that the rings are worth a lot or that their made with diamonds. If anything their just crystals and their just costume jewellery… basically everyday jewellery from stores such as Ardene’s or Icing. You will not make a living flipping these rings for a profit. You also have to think… how is the company making any money selling their items from $16- $30 and have rings/ necklaces in each one that are worth hundreds of dollars? I think this product is good as a fun gift for someone but as I said if your personally buying them for yourself…do not get your hopes up! They likely won’t be worth much and it’s a gamble when it comes to the ring being your could end up with one that isn’t all that appealing to you.

Anyways those are my opinions, enjoy the product for the fun aspect.


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