New Hair!

Well I finally did it! I can officially cross this off of my bucketlist/ goals for 2017. I decided to go back to my natural hair colour, haven’t had my hair like this since middle school! I also ended up chopping a majority of my hair off as well, so much of it was damaged. I’m not too worried about loosing the length, it’ll grow back quick and it feels so much lighter. I’d constantly get my hair stuck in things and styling it took forever..especially straightening it! now its just a quick brush and let it dry naturally to a wave. Oh yea! also decided to get side swept bangs, I forgot how annoying they can be and having to worry about how their facing when its windy out :/  I will for sure need to invest in a good hairspray when I go out shopping next. I got all this done at Cameron’s Hair Studio here in Hamilton, Ontario. It cost me roughly over $200 for it all, including a tip. I felt so bad because of how much I damaged my hair, it was definitely a challenge for them colouring wise. I am so happy with their work though! It turned out amazing, better then any salon I’ve gone to so far. I think it’s adorable how they have a small capuccino/ tea bar as well and offer it to their clients. They really put their customers first! Anywho..enough of my is the final result! Before/ After photo’s!


Can’t explain enough, how happy I am with my hair now. It’s going to be so much easier to maintain and not having to stress about my roots growing out or about how damaged my hair is. I highly recommend Cameron’s Hair Studio!




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  1. boogaloo36 says:

    Love the colour and cut. The colour really looks amazing. It suits you. I liked the blonde but this colour is even nicer:)

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