Aliexpress Review-Crystal Collagen Lip Mask

I ordered a bunch of items off of AliExpress, heard about the site from other people and on YouTube. I ordered about 12 products, I’ve been waiting for them to arrive for about a month now. This lip mask was the first to arrive so time to review it! Also I’m not wearing any makeup whatsoever do don’t mind the imperfections on my skin!

Now on the website this product is called “2016 Hot !!! 5PCS Pump Lip Plumper Crystal Collagen Lip Mask Pads Powerful Moisturizing Essence Wrinkle Lips Enhancer”. This is what the product looks like.



It was a bit messy getting it out of the packaging and not to mention applying it to your lips. It does not stick to your lips, it slips off soooo easily! Here is a before shot of my lips.



I personally feel like this product did nothing, I kept it on for about 10 minutes. It came with no instructions at all, I checked AliExpress to see if it was in the description but there was nothing! so I basically just guessed. Here is a after look.



I personally don’t see a difference from this product, lips don’t feel plump. They just feel the same as before :S I wouldn’t buy this product, even if it was cheap!

Check back to see when the rest of the shipment arrives! I’m curious to see the quality of them, there will be more beauty products and home decor items!


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  1. If you like taking selfies you should buy the selfie ring from Ali express its like £4 and so good! I love your blog and have just followed, would love you to follow me back and check out my posts💗

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    1. I’ll check that out! Thank you so much for the follow, I will for sure follow yours as well 🙂

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