Aungy’s Mini Life-Update

Hello readers! Decided it was time for a small update about my world and everything that’s been going on.

I’ve been struggling lately with my mindset at work, the past few weeks have been kind of hard to deal with. Just seemed like no matter what I did, things just went wrong. I can be pretty hard on myself and when people comment negatively so frequently it just makes me shut down. Just as a plane would, going into auto pilot mode… I felt myself just coasting. It’s funny how when things in life seem to hit a low, something miraculously springs up. There is something that I’m working on at the moment, that will give me the change that I need to be happy. I’ll let you all know when the time is right 🙂


I can’t believe I’m going to comment on this, but the weather here has been so weird as of late. It seems like the past 4 days there has been fog, some days it lasts the entire day and drags into the night. It seems to have gone away today because of the winds but man it was interesting walking through! I don’t recommend walking through fields! Ended up with soaked shoes on my way to work 😦


Also a big thing that I’m looking forward to tomorrow!! Thank god it’s one of my days off, I found out that Sim’s 4 is coming out with a new expansion! Vampires! I am so into supernatural things so this got me so excited, plus it releases tomorrow! You get to create your own vampire or get bitten by one and transform into one. There will also be a new neighbourhood, that includes new furnishings and house design items. Check out the video below! I’ll try to take pictures and write about it tomorrow.. if I can pull myself away from the game!


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