Charmed Aroma Candle Reveal




As you all know, on boxing day I purchased a bunch of bathbombs and with that order I received a free Strawberry scented candle. I decided to finally burn the candle and see what kind of ring was hidden amidst the wax. It took a while to melt away the wax to the point where I could actually see the foil packet. I ended up getting the waxy substance all over my hands and I’m actually surprised to say that it didn’t feel like regular wax. It was oily to touch and melted pretty easily with body heat. This waxy substance somehow made its way through the foil packet and all over the mini ziploc pouch. It was a great mess trying to get the ring out without getting this substance all over it. Thankfully it melted away pretty quick under a running tap of warm water and soap. Here is the ring that was inside!




It’s a beautiful ring as you can see from all the angles (worth $250) but unfortunately it’s too small for my fingers. The only ones I could get it to fit were my pinkies and well that looked a little ridiculous in my eyes. One of my lucky family members will be receiving this, as I don’t want it to just sit around.


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  1. Maybe you can squeeze it into a bigger finger by using some candle wax as a lubricant.

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  2. dtills says:

    Wow, I have never heard of these candles before, where did you get it again?

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  3. If the ring is worth $250.00, it might pay to take it to a jeweler and have it resized to fit you.

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