Lush’s Guardian Of The Forest Bathbomb

Alrighty so as you remember I went out on a little shopping trip, where I made a quick stop at Lush. This will be a little mini review on their Guardian of the Forest bathbomb. First off here is a picture of the product!


It has a light earthy smell, nothing too crazy. Here is Lush’s description of this product “Find the spirit of the forest, dappled with mossy greens and soft with the shimmer of luster. Prickly on the senses at first, the scent of calming cypress and mystical oakmoss absolute will embrace you, drawing you into the bright, sunlit heart of this woodland bomb. It’s packed with its very own forest protector: sustainably sourced and seriously intoxicating rosewood oil.”  and again this one cost $7.65

I was surprised at the colours of this bathbomb, I didn’t think it was going to be so vibrant! Watching it fizz away in the water was very entertaining, there were so many shades of green. Here are some that I captured on camera.



At the end your left with a dark shade of green with small speckles of sparkles. Kind of reminded me of swamp water :S


Ok so my honest opinion on the Guardian of the Forest bathbomb, this product is not really suited for me. I found the scent to be a bit on the boring side, too light for my taste. Another thing I found about this particular bathbomb was that it didn’t leave your skin feeling silky and soft. Others that I have tried have always left my skin smelling amazing and super soft but this one just didn’t. I wouldn’t purchase this bathbomb again but that’s just my opinion. If your more geared towards softer scents then you may love it.


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