Lush’s Respect Your Elders Soap Review


Just want to put this out there, any of my wonderful readers/ followers if there is anything in particular that interests you or would like to see more of on my blog please feel free to leave me any comments. I appreciate any feedback I can get! It helps me see what interests my readers the most and then I can add more content that relates to it.

A fellow reader brought to my attention that they would love to see me write a review about the free soap sample I received from Lush. I just finished taking a soak in the tub and jotting down everything I could think of to describe this product.

First off I want to start this with a description off of Lush’s website about the Respect Your Elders soap ($6.95). ” Elderberries, elderflower infusion and olibanum oil create a magically fruity spell for warding off dirt and grime. Each inky purple slice lathers beautifully into a rich, creamy foam and leaves skin gorgeously scented and feeling silky soft. Don’t be fooled by its dark, moody color—Respect Your Elders has a light and fresh scent that you’ll enjoy throughout the day”.

I also want to take this time to compare the soap, my product doesn’t look like the website version.

My Sample 
Website Version


Alright let’s get down to what I honestly thought of this product! It has a soft almost sweet scent, it is not overpowering but manages to linger on your skin upon finishing. While I was bathing with the soap, I personally thought that it had a slight medicine smell to it. The consistency of the soap was disappointing, it did not lather up.. no bubbles or foam like they were boasting about in their website description. What it did feel like upon applying to wet skin was slimy/ gooey but that wasn’t the only disappointment! When I was washing the soap off I noticed that as my hand moved over my skin it would continuously get caught. It didn’t feel silky soft! My Nivea body wash makes my skin feel softer then this soap did. I’m happy I just got a sample of the Respect Your Elders soap because I wouldn’t purchase this product.




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  1. hmellablog says:

    Thank you for this review, would have wasted precious lush money on it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww glad I could help out! Your welcome and thank you for reading 🙂


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