Shirt Punch!

If you haven’t checked out Shirt Punch! yet, it’s an online store that sells nerdy shirts (they have sweaters and tank top options too) for amazing prices. Usually there’s 3 feature shirts that are about $10 USD but this time around their having a sale! The catch with their sale is that you get shirts for $3 but they’re mystery shirts! They allow you to choose if you’d like a fitted t-shirt or regular style, the size and whether it’s for youth or unisex.


I of course couldn’t resist this amazing deal and ordered 8  t-shirts in size medium. Sure it’s a bit of a gamble of what graphic print is going to be on your t-shirt but if you don’t end up liking any of them you could always put them aside for Christmas time and give it to someone else that may enjoy them! The sale is only on for about 3 more hours so act quick if your interested! I will for sure make a post revealing what prints I receive in the mail so keep posted 🙂


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