It’s Here! ShirtPunch! Unboxing


This order arrived so quickly! I was pretty shocked. It arrived yesterday but due to work being so hectic I didn’t have time to post it until now. I felt like a child on Christmas when I got the box in my hands, I loved the thrill of mystery that this order had.

Again for any readers that didn’t happen to read my previous post. ShirtPunch! had a sale going on where they were selling mystery T-shirts for $2.99 USD, I went a little crazy and ordered 8 of them for almost $50 (including shipping and exchange rate). Here are the shirts I got!


Our cat Boss decided to pose in this picture :3

I think I got pretty decent shirts, I almost died when I saw that I got a Princess Mononoke shirt, and for $2.99!! I decided to be nice and I gave my boyfriend 4 of the shirts, just because I know how much he loves the shirts with Link and the Dark Tower Series (Stephen King). I kept the unicorn (of course), Princess Mononoke, Harry Potter and Dracula shirts. I will for sure be ordering more from ShirtPunch! (They also have more then just shirts for sale so check them out!)


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