Big Lush Haul!


Hung out with my brother in law and niece for a bit today and did a little Lush shopping! besides spoiling her at the Disney store :3

Lush of course has their Valentines Day items on display, found out that next Monday will be the cut off date for any of those items! They also have a limited edition prince charming shower cream (smelled so yum), so stock up while you can!

They have a new magazine available too so make sure you pick up a copy when your at one of their locations.

Now here is what I purchased and what I paid for each item. Lets start off with the luxury bath oils, they are the smaller ones in the back (ontop of the Lush bag). From the left we have the Floating Island bath oil which cost $3.95. Next to that is the Razzle Dazzle bath oil, which costs $3.50. Then the last one is the Mmmelting Marshmallow Moment bath oil, which cost me $ 3.50. Keep in mind these are Canadian prices!

Now lets get on with the bath bombs! The heart with the arrow through it is the Cupid bath bomb, which costs $5.25. The white one behind it is Lover Lamp, which cost $8.95. Right next to that one is the Sex Bomb, which costs $7.95. Now the location I went to was nearly sold out of the Lover Lamp, they just so happened to find two kicking around in the back. I got lucky! but seriously if you want some Valentines inspired items get them now before their gone!

I ended up purchasing a French Kiss bubble bar for my sister as well, which isn’t pictured here so with that included I paid $45.26

You guys know how picky I am with scents but I’m glad to say that I loved every single one pictured above. I am so excited to try these new products and as always provide brutally honest feedback for my readers! I think next time around I’ll be picking up some shower cream because I’ve been a bit curious about them. Check back soon for feedback on these Lush products!


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