Lush’s Razzle Dazzle Luxury Bath Oil – The Worst Product Made By Lush


I tried Lush’s Razzle Dazzle luxury bath oil ($3.50) last night and I just have to say I have never been more disappointed in a product then I was with this one. I for sure thought that this was going to be among one of the best products, the scent was lovely but I have never been so wrong in my life! I was so angry with the result that I threw the remainder of it in the trash!

I started my bath off the same way I usually do, took a picture of the product before I plopped it into the water. As you can see in the picture (my hands were not wet at all) and It had already started melting a little in my hands.

I plopped it into the water and it didn’t really do much, the water was warm enough so I had the brilliant idea of touching it. Which was stupid on my part since I started dying my hands completely! It started dissolving in the water but it left like an oil glaze on the top of the water. It stuck to the sides of the tub and it’s still on my tub as we speak! tried spraying hot water on it but it just wont dissolve.. it’s going to result in me having to scrub with a lot of effort. Now it doesn’t end there! It started to dye my legs and back!


You can sort of see it in this picture, the pink stain left from this bath oil. The oils used in this product are just way too rich and heavy. I kept rubbing at the pink spots on my body but they just wouldn’t disappear. I got so fed up with it that I threw whatever didn’t melt away in the trash! I drained the tub and proceeded to take a shower to wash it all off, which was a lot harder then I thought. The drain almost clogged with it going down! it seemed like forever for it to drain :S

It took me two showers, one directly after this experience and now in the morning to get all the pink off! The oils just clung to me.. to the point where using my regular Nivea body wash wouldn’t get all of it off.

This was such a horrible experience and a pain in the ass to clean up! I do NOT recommend that anyone buy this product, I can’t believe Lush still sells it! I wouldn’t be surprised if there were others that had this horrible experience as well. Spend your money on something else, this was such a waste.



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