Life Update!

Well I managed to stretch my ears to 12 gauge! I’m so happy I finally got to this size, now I can wear some of the jewellery that I purchased years ago. Their still a bit sore so I’ll have to wait before I can go and switch between jewellery but I”ll post about it when I do. Can’t wait to show you all!


I’m also awaiting an order to arrive! If you couldn’t guess it, it’s a Lush one. I heard so many good things about ordering online versus shopping directly at the stores so I decided to test it out for myself. I placed the order this morning, I opted for ground shipping (It was the cheapest) so it should arrive in 5-12 days! As soon as it arrives I will let you guys know how many days it took. I ordered about 5 items (which I’m keeping a secret for now) and I paid a total of $42.43 Canadian. I was told by another blogger that you can request free samples, had to watch a couple videos to figure out how to actually do that. From what I learned, when your making the purchase you have to check off the box that says that it’s a gift. When you do that a text box appears, in there you have to type your request for samples. I’m not too sure if it’s actually going to work so I will keep you guys posted on that! I’ll make an unboxing post, about the products and the condition they arrive in. Check back soon for that!


I’m not too sure if I can reveal my good news yet concerning work. Let’s just say I got offered an opportunity that I just couldn’t refuse. The new position is effective as of  next Tuesday but I won’t be able to start the work immediately. Which sucks but I understand the circumstances of the situation, they need time to find a replacement. This just feels good, I hit a rough patch lately and this just made things turn around for me. I will learn a lot and I’m excited! Who knows what the future holds 🙂


Ok last thing, I promise!

Lately I found a workout type website/ app called Freeletics, it seems like a great way of getting fit. It involves using your body weight, running and if you choose a gym. They give you exercises that are suited for the shape your in, they keep record of how you did and give you workouts based on that. You can also choose to go Pro and pay for coaching services and even diet planning. I’ve watched countless videos on YouTube, it’s amazing what people have achieved off of this. I think I may give it a try, all I really need is a yoga mat and self drive! I will also keep you guys posted on this as well, if I do go through with it I’d post my progress on here.


Anyways thanks for reading, if you guys have any comments..please feel free to leave me some! ❤  Have a safe and relaxing long weekend.


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