It’s Finally Here! Lush Shipment

I almost couldn’t make this post tonight! I had another bad migraine which caused me to get sick in public :/  Thankfully it went away with the help of some extra strength Advil. As the title says I finally received my order, didn’t take as long as I thought it would. It actually would have arrived yesterday but our buzzer system still hasn’t been set up by our landlord so they had to take it to one of their UPS stores. It seems that it only took about 3-4 days to ship out, I’m actually surprised that it was so quick since the website told me 5-12 days with the ground shipping.

Here’s what the package looked like upon opening it, they did a good job keeping everything intact (there’s soo many packaging peanuts!!). Nothing was damaged during the shipping!


Here’s all the products I ordered and my extra samples! I’m actually surprised they sent me any, I love how they did that. They are also products I wouldn’t have gone out of my way to try, it’ll be my first time trying a shower gel and a cream by them. I feel like I’m going to get hooked though!



The two samples they sent me are the Yuzu And Cocoa Shower Cream and the Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair shower gel. I’m tempted to take a shower tonight and try one of them out!

I’m pleased with the time and condition the items arrived in. I loved that they actually sent me samples upon my request. However I have a store location just a 5 minute walk away so I’ll be doing my future shopping in person. You guys know how picky I am with scents too so I took a gamble this time around, hopefully I’ll like them 🙂  I feel like I usually buy more in store then I do online for the price. For the price of shipping I could have gotten more oil melts, a bath bomb or bubble bar. I think the online ordering is great if your farther away from a store location or don’t have one in the city near you.

Check back for some reviews on the products I bought in this order!


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  1. Fun fact, the peanuts are made from potato starch, so fully biodegradable. You should check out the Lush kitchen, they offer unique products each week.

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    1. I was worried about my cats playing with them, glad their just made from potato starch 😉


  2. hmellablog says:

    Great post! I also love Lush (I mean who doesn’t!) and was wondering how you got free samples?

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    1. When you order online, there’s a box that you tick that says it’s a gift. A text box will pop up and you can request samples in there.

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      1. hmellablog says:

        Thank you for this advice, I ordered online and got 5 samples!!

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      2. Wow! You got a lot, I’m glad it worked 🙂

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