Lush’s Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair Shower Gel

As you guys know I received my Lush order yesterday and they sent me two samples. One was the “wash that man right out of my hair” shower gel. I decided to give it a try this morning!

Now here is what the product looks like in the packaging, when sold in stores ($12.95-$26.95).


Here is a brief description of the product off of Lush’s website:

“Wash him out, dry him out! Loaded with lavender, jasmine, rose petal, guava and fig, this gel sends dirt on its way (and down the drain) in no time. You’ll leave the shower feeling clean, refreshed and ready to take on the day, smelling simply irresistible”.

My opinion on this product was that the smell is really strong, if you don’t like strong scents then this may not be suited for you. It almost smells manly to me, the smell lingers on your skin well after your shower. I got a strong smell of lavender, not one of my favourite scents. I think the colour of it was amazing, I’ve never seen a shower gel that’s so red-orange in colour! That part was very fun, not to mention the amount of bubbles it creates on your wet skin. Here’s a picture of the colour and the cute little pod it came in.


I wouldn’t personally buy this product because the scent is a bit too strong for me, plus I never gravitate towards lavender. For those of you that do enjoy the smell of it, then I highly recommend it. It’s a wonderful body wash itself, I’d just pick it up in a scent that’s more suited for me.

Check back for more feedback on the items I bought šŸ™‚



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