Maybelline Master Contour

I’ve been running low on my go to face contour, I usually use the NYX Wonder Stick. The store that I went to was all out of them, can’t blame them since it’s a wonderful product (plus it was on sale!). I was a little bummed over that so I got looking at the other products that Shoppers had to offer. Most of the palettes were either too dark for my skin or the brown tones just looked to orangey for my taste. I decided to give the Maybelline Master Contour a try, plus it was also on sale for $14.


I didn’t see a lighter shade palette available so I just got the medium to deep. I liked the colours in this one the best too! It comes with a small angled brush, which I didn’t really have a use for since I have a full set at my disposal. Here’s what the shades looked like on my light skin.


Don’t mind my blonde arm hairs!! From the left is the highlight, the contour, and then the blush. As you can see the highlighter and the blush are both shimmery. They aren’t as pigmented as I’d like them to be, I had to apply it about 4-5 times to my arm before they showed :S ¬†Compared to the NYX Contour Stick it’s a bit disappointing, I mean it still did the job but it took extra time to get it to where I liked it. I would recommend the NYX contour products over the Maybelline one.



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