What I Made For Dinner! Crispy Cajun Chicken Legs

Last week I got an amazing deal on a whole chicken from No Frills, I got it for $1.80! Which was shocking, I’ve never seen whole chickens for that cheap! I made sure that it wasn’t bad, they all smelled normal to me so I went ahead and bought one. I really should have stocked up now that I think of it 😦

I ended up cutting it into 3 pieces, the breast I used in a stir fry ( kept the bones for a soup!) and then I got 2 pieces of legs. I probably could have cut it up more, so realistically I could have had 3 meals out of one whole chicken. Anyways last night I decided to finally use it and of course I had an idea that I wanted to try out. I thought to myself, I wonder if I could use the chicken wing recipe on the whole chicken legs? I of course tried it out!

To make these crispy Cajun chicken legs I used: Cajun Seasoning, sea salt and baking powder. Literally just 3 ingredients, thrown into a Ziploc bag and just tossed around until they were evenly coated. They should look something like this.


Place them on a baking tray, that is lined with parchment paper or aluminium foil. Set the oven to a low heat of about 250, throw them in for 30 minutes. Once the time goes up, raise the heat of the oven to 400 and bake them for an additional 40 minutes. They will come out looking like this!


With the combination of the baking powder and baking it on a low heat, barely any of the fat or juices will come out of the chicken. You may be thinking to yourself, ” that chicken was probably so dry” but you are wrong! The outside was nice and crispy but the inside was tender and juicy. The Cajun seasoning added just the right amount of spiciness, I will be making this dish again!

Here’s what my whole dinner looked like, I made some steamed asparagus (seasoned with salt, pepper, butter and lemon) and some corn. It was such a filling meal!




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