Candle Shopping

We both had the day off today so we decided to do some candle shopping! we’ve gone through all of our tobacco candles so it was time for some new ones. We hit up our local Homesense and Marshall’s in search of new candles for our home. We unfortunately didn’t find any tobacco scented candles, kinda got us bummed. However we decided to give some other scents a try! We picked these two up.


We’re a bit picky when it comes to scents for our home but we both managed to agree on these two. The first one is a Sandalwood candle by Manly Indulgence, which cost us $12.99. It has a lovely soft scent, it is still manly but not overpowering. It has an interesting wick that’s made out of wood, apparently it’s supposed to crackle as a fire would. That pretty much sold me on it, I’ve never tried a candle like this before.

The second candle is a paperwhite and musk scent by DW Home. This candle is dual wick and cost us $12.99 too. This candle has a soft flowery scent, very rich smell. I just absolutely love the smell of it, it’s just so luxurious!

We ended up purchasing other kitchen items as well but they weren’t interesting enough to post. Thanks for reading 🙂



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