Lush’s Pink Bath Bomb


I gave this a try the other night, sorry I haven’t posted for a couple days. I’ve become obsessed with the video game Stardew Valley. Literally been playing it for two days in a row for countless hours :S

Anyways here is Lush’s description of the Pink bath bomb:

“Drop this pretty pink fizzer into your tub when you’re dreaming of a candy-scented getaway. Luxuriate among a delicate cascade of biodegradable heart confetti and vivid pink waters, and let the sweet scent of fair trade vanilla and tonka absolutes cozy up to your senses. Next time you need a sweet escape from reality, think Pink!”

This product retails for $5.25


Now onto my brutally honest feedback! I was a bit disappointed with this product for a couple reasons. First off the size of it, it’s much smaller then their regular bath bombs…which of course means that your getting less of the product and it fizzes away a lot quicker. If your having a bath with your tub full of water like I did, it seems very diluted.

It leaves your water looking like you dropped a Kool Aide packet in it. Along with confetti hearts, which just sink to the bottom of the tub.


Upon first smelling the bath bomb its very fragrant, almost seems strong. However once applied to your bath, it dilutes and you just get hints of candy. Soft sweet smell, I kind of wish it were a bit stronger.

I didn’t notice any of the oils in this bath bomb, just left my skin feeling normal. It did leave a pink ring around my tub but it wasn’t too bad. A little clean up may be required.

Ok so to sum it all up, I feel like this is one of their smallest bath bombs. It wasn’t anything interesting to me, it was one of the less interesting bath bombs by Lush. I don’t really recommend this one, you can get a much better one for just a couple cents more. I wouldn’t buy this again, it didn’t have anything amazing about it.


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