RIP Boss


I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything for a few days, unfortunately it is due to a very hard and heart breaking situation. As you guys know we own two beautiful cats, Boss and Winston. They are like our children, since we don’t currently have any kids. They mean the world to us and we’d do anything for them.

Sadly one of them passed away on Friday, we found poor Boss shortly after we finished our shifts after 9PM. We were in total shock, she was a normal healthy cat (just about 6 years old). We’d seen her that morning/noon before we left for work, she was acting like the normal spunky cat that she is. I got home that night and thought it was strange that she didn’t come and greet me like she normally does. We just assumed she was sleepy and wanted to be left alone. Then a bit later I went to give them their wet food (more like a treat for them) and she didn’t coming running like she normally does. My boyfriend went to check on her and shortly I heard my name being called. He went to wake her up but she was cold and stiff… she had no heartbeat. She was no longer with us, she had made her way up to heaven. We were in utter shock and disbelief. No one ever expects something like this to just happen, we didn’t know what to do. We took her to the vet the following morning to get her cremated, she’ll be back with us in two weeks.

It was hard seeing my boyfriend in the state that he was in, that was his baby.. he raised her from a little kitten. She had been there in tough times, she was the pure definition of a best friend. Having to loose someone that close to you is just heart breaking.

I only knew her for two years and lived with her for a majority of the time. I treated her as if she were my cat, I spoiled her endlessly. I adapted to her little quirks, even if they annoyed me at times. Now those quirks are what I miss the most… being woken up in the middle of the night by her wanting to drink out of the bathroom tap to how she crept into bed every night. I’ll miss the way she nipped our arm when she wanted to be pet more, even that little grunt she made when you looked at her and wanted to be pet. I feel an emptiness in my heart, one that will never be replaced. She was our little bossy pants.

I hope that she didn’t suffer when she passed, I only wish that we could have been there for her so that she wasn’t scared. I wish we could have been there to possibly save her if we could have. For me it feels horrible, those thoughts run through my head constantly. I can only imagine how my boyfriend feels, it kills me inside knowing that there’s nothing I can do to fix or help this situation.

I always imagined having a kid and seeing them play with our two cats. Now sadly that won’t happen, things will never be the same. I hope that she is at peace, we’ll see you one day bossy pants! mommy and daddy will miss you a ton ❤




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  1. Awwh I’m sorry about your cat! When I lived with my parents our cat got ran over unfortunately. She was a stray who came to us and we kept her! It’s amazing to have pets, but sad knowing they will pass one day 😦

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  2. Sorry to hear. She sounds like a sweetheart. One of my colleagues at work took some time off because her cat passed away too. She had the pet for nine years so to her it felt like losing a member of the family.

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