My Video Game Obsession Lately


I can’t explain how addicted I’ve become over the game Stardew Valley! I play it on PC through Steam, I believe it is $16.99 currently. It’s worth the price, go out and grab a copy! It’s available for consoles too. I literally play it in any of my spare time, before and after work sometimes. I’ve owned the game for a while now but I recently just got really into it. I made a new account and took it more serious this time around (I just dinked around on my first one). I’m currently on year 2 in spring.


Ok so a basic run down of the game, you inherit a farm from your grandfather and you now have to run it. Just to sum up all the things you do: farming, harvesting, mining, fishing, building, making friends with the townsfolk, rebuilding the community centre, unlocking features, fighting creatures, completing tasks for rewards, and gathering items. I’m sure there’s lots more that I’ve missed, there’s just so much to do in the game. The best part about it is that you can make your farm look however you want! You can even decide to marry one of the townsfolk!





I don’t want to give away too much about it, I want people to go out and play it. In comparison it’s almost like Harvest Moon, the graphics are different though. It’s a pixel looking game but don’t be fooled by it…it’s an amazing game! It’s also soon to be multiplayer. I highly recommend this game 🙂


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