Lush’s Mask Of Magnaminty


That’s right I went shopping again! This time I felt like trying something new so I ventured into the face mask section. With a little help from an associate I left with the Mask Of Magnaminty. I purchased the 125g container for $14.95 Canadian.


I went with the smaller container because I’ve never tried any of their masks before so I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it or how it would react with my skin. I get the occasional blemish and I usually get dry skin around those areas when their starting to go away. My cheek broke out a bit last week so I’ve been trying to get rid of the dry skin… it’s a pain in the ass when you want to apply makeup.

I chose to try this mask because it contains Kaolin clay, so of course its a clay face mask. I’ve never really tried a mask like that before so figured I’d try it out. The clay and the peppermint oil are supposed to clear your pores of any debris and dirt. They also have flakes of aduki beans and evening primrose seeds in there to help exfoliate any dry skin areas.


Here are my thoughts on this product, again it’s super honest..I’m not sponsored by the company in any way. I loved  this product, kinda questioning why I didn’t try any of their masks any sooner. The smell of this product is minty, thanks to the peppermint oil 😉


This mask had a cooling effect on my skin, I imagine it was because of the peppermint oil. It’s a bit chunky when you apply it to your skin so make sure you apply it over a sink. It has a green colour to it, I felt like a witch with it on my face. About 5 minutes after applying the mask, it starts tightening on your skin as it starts drying. Your supposed to keep it on for 5-10 minutes. As you wash off the mask, your face still feels tight afterwards. My skin felt amazing afterwards! It was nice and soft to the touch. All the dry patches were gone too! I checked my skin over this morning and the dry skin is definitely gone. This product was lovely because It’s nice and gentle on your skin but it battles dry skin at the same time. All the ingredients are natural and vegetarian so you know what your applying to your skin. This makes me want to try all the other masks out.

I would highly recommend this product if you have blemishes along with dry flaking skin. It will make your skin feel amazing and pampered. Plus with the size of just this small container, I’ll have this for many more uses. I still have a lot left after just one application, this will last me a while.

Check back soon for more posts, I bought some more Lush products as well! 😉


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  1. This is one of my favorite Lush masks!

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  2. There’s a five black pot program! If you bring in 5 clean black pots that are marked part of the program you can get a free fresh facemask 🙂

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    1. I love how they have a program like that, it’ll probably take me a while to actually be able to do that lol


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