Lush’s Blackberry Bath Bomb

This was a bath bomb that I just had to purchase because I loved the smell in the store. People usually don’t pay attention to the bins of bath bombs that are displayed close to the ground so I always make sure to check down there first. I’ve been surprised on a couple occasions because the bath bombs that smell amazing are located there (some are among my favourites now).


I paid $6.40 Canadian for it, which is an amazing deal! Here is the description of the product off of Lush’s website:

“Drop this classic fruity number into your tub for a relaxing soak in a swirling, meditative purple pool. A burst of fresh, uplifting bergamot oil meets grounding frankincense for a fragrant blend that blasts away the day’s worries, leaving you wrapped in a cozy and comforting berry-scented hug.” 


Now time for my honest feedback on the Blackberry bath bomb. Scent wise I didn’t really pick up on the Blackberry at all until I was soaking in the tub for a while. For me I thought it smelled like perfume, almost floral. It’s a nice soft scent that will get you relaxed. It also makes your skin feel amazing with the oils used.

The water turns into an amazing purple colour, with of course fine shimmery glitter. I really enjoyed the colour of this bath bomb, you don’t see many purple ones.


This one had a surprise in the centre as well! I didn’t expect it. Once it fizzes away your left with a piece of cloth/paper (not too sure on the material) that says “boom boom!” on it. I thought it was a cute touch since the top of the bath bomb says “BOMB”.


Overall I really enjoyed this bath bomb and would recommend it to others. Next time you go shopping in one of the Lush stores, make sure to check out the bins close to the floor! You’ll be surprised with what you find!


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