Lush’s Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb

This was my last bath bomb left! I’ll need to make a trip to Lush soon to pick up some more new items to test out. The Rose Bombshell bath bomb cost me $7.95 Canadian and here is a brief description of this product off of Lush’s website.

“Slip into the tub with a Rose Bombshell and let your troubles float away like rose petals on the breeze. As its outer shell fizzes away, it releases a luxurious cascade of real yellow rose petals and mineral-rich sea salt. The intoxicating perfume of rose absolute, rose oil and Sicilian lemon oil envelops your senses for a whole new level of bathing luxury.”



Now for my brutally honest feedback on the Rose Bombshell bath bomb. Upon first smelling it (dry bath bomb) it has a strong floral scent, you can easily pick up on the rose scent. Once dropped into the bath water it surprisingly still has a strong floral scent, it doesn’t seem to get diluted. The smell kinda gave me grandma vibes, reminds me of my child hood when we used to go to my great aunts house…it smells like her bathroom did. The scent will linger on your skin after your bath, I find most of their products do this.

It makes the water a nice soft pink colour, there isn’t any shimmery glitter in this bath bomb. However it does have two flower petals in the middle, I assumed it was roses. You can slightly feel the oils, compared to other bath bombs by Lush this wasn’t the strongest.




Overall I thought that this was just an ok bath bomb, it wasn’t anything special in my eyes. I usually don’t gravitate towards strong rose scented items though. If your into floral scents then this would be the perfect bath bomb for you. I enjoyed the colour of the water, I found it pretty relaxing. I wouldn’t get this again, just because I don’t really enjoy rose scented items. I would however recommend this to others that would enjoy that type of scent.

Check back for my next Lush item, I have a bath oil that I’m going to try out!







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  1. Always a Foreigner says:

    I haven’t tried the Rose, but I love the one that looks like a globe. I love getting out of the tub and feeling shiny and smooth. 🙂

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