Shopping Time- Check Out My Buys!

I haven’t really spent that much money on myself lately, if anything its been little splurges at Lush. I decided to pick up some things that I actually needed and had been putting off for a while now. I’d like to think I got a couple good deals!

First off was Victoria Secret, I needed new panties. They had a deal on where you get 7 pairs for $30. I stocked up on a bunch of boy short type undies, they had cute lace ones that I just couldn’t resist! Here’s all the ones I got, I love the bright spring colours!



Next stop was Sephora! I ran out of Contouring colours and I wanted to invest in a good palette that would suit my light complexion. After some debating between Too Faced and Kat Von D. I chose to go with the Kat Von D Shade+Light contour palette, which was about $64. I liked it because it will last me a while and if I do at some point run out of a certain shade I can easily replace the ones I need. I’ve been putting this purchase off for a while now, I will do a review on this soon! I also got a free Glam Glow matte glow moisturizer.




Next up I stopped at H&M, I desperately needed more pairs of jeans. Plus I start my new position at work soon and I’ll be wearing regular clothes instead of a uniform so I needed more pairs. I got skinny style in a faded grey colour and in black. These skinnies are a bit different because the zipper and button are on the side. The black pair I got for $24.00 and the Grey were just $14.99. I also picked up a baggy pink plaid button up shirt for $29.99. Since I gained weight over the winter I wanted something comfy yet cute to wear at work. Eventually when I do lose some of this weight, the blouse will still fit and look good.



I also made a little stop at Lush because their spring items have finally come out! I wanted to try out a few of their new items so I picked up “Which Came First” bath bomb for 12.95, Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt for $8.95, Big Blue bath bomb for $6.75 and BB Seaweed face mask for $8.95. I’ll be making review posts for each of these products so check back for those.



I can’t wait to try all these out and give you guys feedback on each of them! Please check back for more posts 🙂


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  1. Great haul! Gotta treat yourself sometimes! 😀

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  2. Always a Foreigner says:

    I LOVE Lush, and am so upset that the house I’m in now doesn’t have a tub. Enjoy!

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    1. Aww that sucks! A tub is a requirement wherever we choose to live lol can’t live without them.

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