Lush’s BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask


As you guys know, I picked this product up on Friday and I’ve been dying to try it. I’ve been busy with work this weekend but I managed to squeeze a little pamper time in today! I’ve been super curious about Lush’s face masks lately so I picked up another one. This time around I chose to go with the BB Seaweed fresh face mask, retails for $8.95 Canadian for a small pot.


Here is a description of the face mask off of Lush’s website.

“Created especially to care for sensitive skin, this gently scrubby mask is super calming. Seven pounds of nutrient-rich seaweed go into each batch to nourish the skin, and we blend in finely ground almonds to exfoliate away dryness and leave skin smooth. We also use generous helpings of aloe vera gel and rose absolute to calm and soothe, and a gorgeous combination of honey and olive oil to moisturize. Try it out, BB!”


Now here are my first impressions of this face mask! First off when I opened it, the smell is really not that great. Kinda smells like a cleaning product, almost like a windex smell. I really dislike the smell of it and I don’t think I’ll be picking up more of this product due to that. The smell changes a little when you wash the mask off, almost has a slight lemony herb scent.

Consistency wise it’s pretty chunky, you can see big chunks of the seaweed. Apply this mask over a sink because it could get messy. Your supposed to leave it on for about 5-10 minutes..I usually leave it a bit longer or until it’s dry. It tightens on your face as it dries and the colour of it lightens a bit. When you wash it off with warm water you can feel the olive oil on your skin.


It does make your skin noticeably softer and it is a gentle mask compared to the Magnaminty. Face feels a bit tighter around the eyebrows and nose region.

This face mask would be perfect for someone with sensitive skin as it moisturises and it also gently exfoliates. I like what the products offers but I don’t think I can get past the smell, it’s just too strong for me personally.

Just wanted to ask everyone what their favourite Lush product is and why? I’m always curious and looking for new products to try 🙂



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