My Shopping Trip Continued

Well my boyfriend wanted to go to the mall today to get his hair cut and asked if I wanted to come along. He went to get his hair done and left me to shop alone…which was a bad idea. I ended up going to Sephora again :/   I think I have an obsession with makeup lately, there’s so many products I want to try!

Here’s what I picked up at Sephora!


Sorry for the somewhat crappy picture, I rushed to take them before leaving for work. I was looking around at all the eye shadow palettes and comparing each of them. None of them really had the colours that I wanted or needed in my collection. I found myself gravitating towards the Makeup For Ever stand. I’ve never used any of their products before but what pulled me in was the fact that I could build my own palette. You have the option of just buying the colours separate or you can get palettes to hold the shades. They have a dual one or one that holds four shades. I chose to go with the two shades this time around, I went with colours that I again seemed to be missing out of my collection of eye shadows. I got the shades I-804 and I-724 for $40 and payed just $1 for the empty palette to hold them. I love that their magnetic so I don’t have to worry about them just falling out. I also bought a Sephora brand #15 small eye shadow brush since I haven’t been loving the one I currently had, I paid $23 for that. Again these are all Canadian prices, I ended up having enough Sephora points to get a free item at the cash so I picked the BITE matte creme lip crayon! it’s in the shade Pastille, it’s a super nice shade!


I’ll make a post soon using these products so you can see how amazing they are! Not gonna lie, I used one of the eye shadows today because I just couldn’t resist. I just have to say that I’m in love with this brand already!

Now I also stopped in at HMV because I heard they were shutting down all the stores and are having massive sales on everything. I was a little disappointed because most of the good stuff was already gone but I did manage to find some stuff that interested me. I got a pretty good deal in my eyes. I paid around $23 for these, they had most things on sale for 70% off. I left with Blu Ray copies of Casablanca and Winters Tale. Along with this Totoro plush! I almost missed it on my way out but that all made my shopping trip worth it! I was super sad that I couldn’t find a Studio Ghibli movie or any Disney films so honestly this made my day.


The Totoro plushie itself retails for $29.99!

Anyways check back soon for posts featuring the products I purchased at Sephora!


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